Get Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals

Get Family Friendly Fat Burning Meals
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Track your blog's / Site's visits Using Google Analytics

Track your blogs & Sites visits Using Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics for your blogs & Sites to traffic the Visitors. This is free service which provides information regarding website / blog traffic.

It provides rich insights into your blog / site traffic. In fact, google analytics help you convert visitors into customers.

This provides a cool information ia report format. This report includes
Visitors : number of users visited your blogs or site.

Browser Usability: number of visits from Browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Map Overlay: It shows a geographical data which means what is the country and place does the visitor come from.

Traffic Sources: It includes whether it is a direct traffic i.e someone directly typed your site's or blog's url directly in the address bar. Or the visit is from a refferring site / blog . And even percentage of visits form search engine i.e., what are the keywords that helped to make visist to your blog / website from, and search enginees.

Page Views: number of users viewed that particular page.

Keywords: what are the keywords that helped to make visist to your blog / website

Top Content: How visitor found your blog or site content. What is the top content page of ur blog / site

Bounce Rate : It shows the percentage that made visitor to close your site or blog due to lack of enough content to attarac the visitor.

no. of returned visitors.

Even u can restrict your own visit by adding filters.

and lots more to trach your blogs or websites

you just need to Incorporate the Google analytics code in your blog or site.

For this
1. Login into Google Analytics with any gmail account

2. Now U see Sign Up for Google Analytics

Just Click "Sign Up" Button

3..Now provide ur site's / blog's details then

General Information
Contact Information
Accept User Agreement

4. After passing the above, finally it gives a New Tracking Code(ga.js). Copy and paste the given code into every webpage you want to track immediately before the body end tag. And in blog immediately before the body end tag.

In this way, google analytics helps you to optimize your site in a better manner for increasing your blog's / website's marketing effectiveness.

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